Open House at Body Belly Baby in Miami, FL

Our center in Miami, FL will be holding an open house September 18th, 2015 from 9 AM to 2:30 PM.

Free demos of our ExMI unit and other services offered.

Have you given birth vaginally? Had multiple pregnancies? Had an episiotomy? Given birth with a C-section?

Experienced urine leakage when you run, sneeze, laugh, cough or play sports?

Your pelvic floor needs exercising and toning like any other muscle. Let the ExMI chair do the Kagel for you.

Body Belly Baby .com

2550 S. Bayshore Drive, #206A

Miami, FL 33133

(305) 456-9448

Touching Hearts highlights their new center at “Heels to Flip Flops” Women’s Event.


New PFCA Center The Sittin Spot unveiled the ExMI Technology at an event geared towards the ladies. The Ladies Night Out Moon-Light Party at The Osceola Council on Aging was presented by the St. Cloud Chamber and sponsored by The Women’s Center. The event included physicians, beauty & spa specialists and other vendors.
“We were very excited with the turnout and response to the pelvic floor therapy chair that we demonstrated to the ladies” said Terri White of the Sittin Spot. “We feel that is important to let customers try the therapy with a (free) 5 minute demo”. “This demo allows the customer to get a real feel for what a full treatment can produce”.
The Sittin Spot plans to continue their efforts to promote the Kissimmee PFCA treatment center with more parties and events for ladies. For more information on the next event contact Terri White at (407) 247-2040 or

The Sittin Spot Team

Our new center in Delray Beach exhibits at the South County Senior Expo

Dr. Mark Ziffer, M.D. and staff members kicked off their first month as a PFCA Certified Center with a nice booth at the recent Senior Expo held this year at the South County Civic Center. As one of over 40 booths in the expo Dr. Ziffer was able to demonstrate the Nerve Stimulating Therapy (ExMI) technology to many of the senior expo attendees. Dr. Ira Raff, M.D. is also part of the team at South County Urology, P.A.

Dr. Mark Ziffer at Senior Expo in Delray Beach
Dr. Mark Ziffer at Senior Expo in Delray Beach

Senior Health Event 2015 with PFCA ExMI chair and PGx tests
Senior Health Event 2015 with PFCA ExMI chair and PGx tests


Healthcare Partners has great success with recent seminars


HealthCarePartners logo 2

Dr. Nelson Kraucak of Healthcare Partners, a physician in The Villages for the past 18 years, is getting great results for his patients through a series of seminars to educate people on incontinence and the benefits of ExMI Therapy. These educational seminars help with under-reported and under-treated that is erroneously thought to be a normal part of aging.

A patient of Dr. Kraucak experiencing urgency incontinence recently stated: “After six treatments I began to notice the absence of urgency during the day and at night. After nine treatments I no longer wake up at night with sence of urgency. I had forgotten what it was like to be free of that nagging, lingering feeling of urgency!”

As a certified center for PFCA, Dr. Kraucak is eager to educate the community on new treatment options. For future seminars contact; Healthcare Partners (352) 750-4333.