2014 Health & Wellness Festival – Featuring Dr. Oz

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On Saturday, March 29, 2014 we presented, with Hope Health and Wellness, our ExMI Nerve Stimulation Therapy technology at the The Gardens Mall-Health & Wellness Festival featuring Dr. Oz.

Thank you Hope Health and Wellness for your dedication to introducing PFCA to the Palm Beach Gardens area.

This launched Hope Health and Wellness PFCA center to the community, obtaining over 60 new patient consults. Hope Health and Wellness will also be launching a commercial featuring our ExMI Nerve Stimulation Therapy on local tv station ABC 25 WPBF.
 Health and Wellness Festival- Dr Oz-Dr Hope- Brad Cole PFCA Centers  Dr Oz-Dr Hope- Brad Cole- PFCA Centers
 Dr. Hope and CEO Brad Cole share ExMI Nerve Stimulation Therapy with Dr. Oz at the Health & Wellness Festival 2014.  Health & Wellness Festival 2014 at the Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.