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PFCA is developing a model of distribution in the State of Florida that will be replicated in other regions and states across the country. This will include managing a typical P&L and developing standard support systems to provide the future clients with the appropriate operational plan to bring value to their existing businesses.

PFCA Center
Professor Dr. Jordan in a PFCA center
PFCA has developed the plan with a basis of 50 chairs to be distributed in two (2) regions of Florida’s DMAs (Designated Market Areas) of Orlando and Palm Beach with an average of twenty (20) chairs in each of those regions, and other targeted areas of Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville market, based on field support already in those existing markets.These regions will have specific guidelines for targets of chair placement and will be designed to enable the repeatable model for future DMA’s and states as the program is rolled out nationally. PFCA feels that the number of centers to be effective in any market to be twenty (20) chairs to support the initial business requirements of a proper business opportunity model.

PFCA Booth 923
PFCA Booth 923
The business opportunity model will be structured as follows:BA roles and responsibilities –

• Develop the systems to recruit and select appropriate personnel who can manage up to 25 PFCA centers with 1-5 chairs deployed at each location (estimated at 25 – 250 chairs deployed per DMA)
• Provide the training to include business modeling of running the business
• Provide the BA introductory and on-going training to support the end user of the products (i.e. doctor’s offices, urologists, chiropractors, nursing homes, etc.)
• Provide the BA with support in marketing to attract the end user to the promoted products and marketing support for the end user to attract customers to the products.
• Provide the products for the BA to offer to the client roles and responsibilities –
• Recruit clients (doctors) to use the PFCA products
• Lease the PFCA products to the client
• Sell PFCA products to client
• Provide new PFCA products
• Provide BA and client marketing, and business support to ensure the business is running at the established standards

The financial model of the BA ownership will provide revenue from leasing chairs and selling cards to clients/doctors with additional revenue streams provided as new products are introduced by PFCA.The P&L costs of running the business will include, but may not be limited to, leasing of equipment (chair and other), purchase of cards, marketing costs to recruit clients/doctors to the program, client training and marketing support, licensing, insurance, staff hiring, and administration.

There should be no costs to having a store front or real estate, as this program may be administered from the BA home base or residence. For more information complete the form below:



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